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 Legally Stupid: Why Johnny Doesn't Have to Read 

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R.C. Murray
Published by Peach-Pine Publishing ()

LEGALLY STUPID is a revealing book about what is really going on in public education today. Although you may be wary of public education due to the students’ behavior (drug use, profanity, violence, rebellion, etc.), the worst part of public education (and the underlying cause of much of the poor student behavior) is the thorough infusion of humanistic philosophies in the development of educational methods. Why are so many high school students still unable to read? Why are so many students labeled as having some sort of mental deficiency? What are the consequences of group learning, the easy math, or catering to various learning styles? LEGALLY STUPID has amazing depth but is easy to understand. Randy Murray speaks from personal experience with high school students and school administrators. Without a doubt there is a deliberate effort to dumb-down the masses of students passing through the public schools- and every effort is made to make them feel good about it.. If you need concrete reasons to take your child out of the public schools this is the book for you. If friends or relatives assure you that your homeschooled or Christian schooled children are missing out by not being in public school, this is the book to give to them.   312 pages, 8 1/2 by 11, paper.

Some very powerful people believe that knowledge is America's most valuable resource. For this reason, they have worked diligently during the last 150 years to limit and thereby control knowledge – all knowledge, both academic and biblical. This monopoly on knowledge has given these elitists a form of mind control over millions of Americans. With deconstructionism as its theme, Legally STUPiD develops into an extremely controversial book. After first identifying and discussing the seven modern education philosophies and theories and their subsequent teaching strategies [The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Education – a.k.a., Different but Equal] most responsible for millions of functionally illiterate high school students and graduates, Murray connects government schools' dumbed-down textbooks, curriculum and teaching strategies to the Principles of Newspeak from George Orwell's 1984, along with some interesting comparisons from Animal Farm. Johnny doesn't have to read anymore. He has Big Brother's legal permission to remain ignorant, which, being dumb on purpose is stupid. But even if Johnny wanted to read, to write, to develop his verbal skills and thereby his critical thinking skills, he'd find knowledge is being rationed by the State, with the "windfall apples" going only to those Big Brother can trust with such knowledge.

With this control concept well-established by Chapter Ten, Murray concludes his book by focusing the last two chapters on another application of Orwell's Principles of Newspeak and what he calls neo-Gnosticism. Currently popular books like The Da Vinci Code and The Gospel of Judas can be traced back to the first through the sixth centuries to a group of ancient humanist-pagan scholars in Alexandria, Egypt, who claimed to have special knowledge, namely that Jesus was just a man. Even though their heretic doctrine was opposed and supposedly suppressed by church leaders, Murray believes that Gnosticism lives on in Humanism today, which is supported by the courts and an entire line of modern bibles, all based on New Testament manuscripts from fourth-century Alexandria, the "Mecca of Gnosticism." Murray shows how these supposedly older texts reflect the handiwork of a Gnostic's penknife as they delete or obscure thousands of words and verses that support the deity of Jesus and absolute moral standards, both of which Gnostics deny. The fact that religious leaders promote these doctrinally dumbed-down bibles that inflate self-esteem but do little to teach the Will of God is evidence that Big Brother isn't content controlling your mind. He wants your entire soul – mind, will and emotion. If Big Brother is starting to sound like somebody else, Murray makes no apologies.

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