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 Ancient Landmarks 

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Gary Maldaner
Published by Plain Path Publishers

147 straightforward and concise devotions – some long, some short, but all practical. Covers obedience, the path to marriage, music, dress, entertainment, Christian service, and many other areas of life - with a lot of Scriptural support. Good training for future parents! A useful guide for family devotions, and a help to youth leaders and Sunday school teachers.  For ages 14 and up. 260 pages; laminated cover.  
Ancient Landmarks
Are You Following Light?
What Is the Value of the Gift to You?
"Boy Wanted"
Ask Questions
Are You Sure?
Who’s In Charge of Nature?
Window Shopping
"Consider Your Ways!"
Where Is Safety?
Start While You Are Young!
Do You Want Money?
Do Not Be Surprised
"I’ll Do My Own Thing!"
Sorrow Is Better Than Laughter
Complaining and Arguing
Evolution – Part 1
Evolution – Part 2
When God Asks Questions
"What Doth The Lord Thy God Require of Thee?"
What Can I Trust?
The Power of God
God’s Will
The Pattern Is Already Set
What Are You?
What Is the Christian Life to You?
Spectator Christianity"
Humanism, In Brief

THY WORD IS TRUTH    Section Two
But What Does It Mean to Me?
The Importance of Instruction
Do We Have the Words of God?
Are They the Same?
Living By Feelings
God’s Perfect Timing
Revenge and Bitterness
"What Doest Thou Here Elijah?"
"Thy Word Is Truth"
Who Has Your Heart?
Are You Going to Be A Teacher?
What Are You Waiting For?
The Belly of the Fish
The Unseen World
Is Spanking Necessary?
Friend or Foe?
The Source of Pride
Always In Sight
What About the Heathen?
All Of It?
Little, Important Sentences!
Save Your Emotions
In the Beginning
Are You Teachable?
"A Very Present Help"
The Fear of the Lord
Do Not Break the Chain
Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

Who Is the Lord?
Launch Out!
"Why Trimmest Thou Thy Way to Seek Love?"
Trust In the Lord!
To the Unmarried
"Serve the Lord With Gladness!"
Does Music Matter? – Part 1
Does Music Matter? – Part 2
"C’mon, Let’s..."
See You At the Top?
What Are God’s Assignments?
Where Have You "Pitched Your Tent"?
A Note to Young Men
"Wherefore, Sirs, Be of Good Cheer"
Whom Do You Magnify?
"Learning Facts? Oh, No!"
"All We Like Sheep"
Faithful Christians
Did You Read the Label?
Save Your Body
There’s Only One
Every One of Us!
Down To Egypt
Alert and Attentive!
Where Do Right Desires Come From?
So, You Want to Get A Job?
What Does This World Have to Offer?
Help Others!
Take Heed
"But God..."

"I Can’t Do Enough For Him!"
Who Do You Think You Are?
Have You Learned to Be Hungry?
Mrs. Rosemary Vincent
"Be Not Unequally Yoked Together"
"For To Me To Live Is..."
Who Makes the Choice?
The "Tube"
"Is It Nothing to You?"
The Importance of Outward Appearance – Part 1
The Importance of Outward Appearance – Part 2
Luxury and the "Good Life"
Envy Not the Wicked!
"She Loveth Much"
"That’s Cool!"
"Declare Ye Among the Nations, and Publish, and Set Up A Standard"
The New Way
Unisex – Another View
What Is Security?
The World’s Entertainment
Are You Friendly?
Planning Ahead or Blind Faith?
Aren’t All Religions the Same?
Our "Microwave Society"
For What Reason Would You Marry?
Do You Pray?
What Is Unity In Christ?
A Few Stories

BUILT UPON A ROCK   Section Five
"How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?"
Will God Really Take Care of Me?
What About These Men?
"Beware Lest Any Man Spoil You"
What Is Wisdom?
When Do I Pass From A Child to An Adult?
True Riches
The Devil’s "Character"
"Prepare Thy Work Without"
You Are Being Watched
The Danger of Rebellion
What is the World Looking For?
Why Does the World Hate Us?
Who Are Your Heroes?
Hold To the Truth!
Knowing God’s Will
What’s Most Important To You?
Am I A Disciple?
What Is Liberty?
For Whom Should I Vote?
Eternal Security
Truths for Soul Winners


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