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Published by Crossroads Baptist Church ()

This is a 16 page, easily understood booklet answering many common questions people have about Christianity and includes a clear Gospel presentation with verses written out. Keep a supply of these to give to visitors, relatives, or neighbors.  Content titles in order are:

The Nature of Man

On His Own, Can Man Live a Successful Life?

The Uncertainty of Life

"I'll Get Things Right Before I Die"

A Definite Appointment

"He's Out Of His Pain Now!"

To Lose One's Soul


"I Think It's Right"

"One Religion Is Just As Good As Another"

"I'm Having Too Much Fun To Be A Christian"

"Why Didn't My Parents Tell Me?"

What Is A Christian?

The Goodness of God

"If God Loves Me, Why Did He Allow...?"

What Is Repentance?

The Forgiveness of Sins

"I Have My Own Way"

The Greatest Sin

As A Little Child

What is Truth"

The Bible - The Word Of God

There is a brief introduction and conclusion and 16 pages of text - 5 1/4 by 8, stapled, with a glossy, color cover. A lighter colored square on the back can be used to stamp contact information. We can provide any quantity of these. For larger quantity orders we will charge our actual cost to ship Media Mail or by truck.

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