About Us

Plain Path Publishers is a ministry of Crossroads Baptist Church, Columbus, NC. Gary Maldaner, the author of the three textbooks and many of the booklets described on this site, taught in a public school for three years, in Christian schools for twelve years, and homeschooled his three children for 10 years. He now lives with his wife in western North Carolina, and the family attends an independent Baptist* church  All of our materials are written, printed, and bound by our family. 


In addition to the materials that we publish, we also offer selected books from other publishers to provide you with teaching material beyond that which we offer. We have carefully reviewed these materials and feel that they will be very useful as you train your children, although we may not agree with every statement made by the authors. 

Sample Chapters for Christian Manhood, Christian Character, and Chistian Leadership are available free in printed form .

Return Policy You may return printed materials within 10 days. We will refund your cost, less postage, for items returned in saleable condition. Please pack books carefully.   Clearance items are non-returnable.

Payment  - We also accept personal checks, company checks, or money orders.  When ordering, please use current prices and include postage and taxes (NC ). We cannot ship to foreign addresses, but most of our books are available as E-Books..  Our E-Mail address is plain@juno.com  if you need more information about our products.