Bible Guidelines About Clothing By Dr. Bruce Lackey

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Bible Guidelines About Clothing   FREE DOWNLOAD
By Dr. Bruce Lackey

This booklet takes a Biblical view of clothing using five questions:

1. Is it worn by the opposite sex?

2. What does it make others think of me?

3. Predominantly, what kind of people dress this way?

4.  Must I use the arguments of the world to justify it?

5. Will it cause others to stumble?

Bruce Lackey (1930-1988) taught at Tennessee Temple (Chattanooga,
Tennessee) for nineteen years and was Dean of the Bible School for a
number of years until the early 1980s. He pastored the Lakewood Baptist
Church of Chattanooga for eight years, and pastored two other churches
before that. During the last few years of his life, he traveled as a Bible
conference speaker and authored several books. He was an accomplished
musician, a highly gifted Bible teacher, and a diligent scholar who was
proficient in the Greek language. Dr. Lackey, who was deeply respected
and beloved by the “preacher boys” at Tennessee Temple, defended the
Received Text and the King James Bible as the preserved Word of God.