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Christian Manhood - Student Text

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By Gary Maldaner

Published by Plain Path Publishers

Christian Manhood is a book that has been written for boys—for the purpose of training them to be spiritually strong men. Christian Manhood emphasizes the spiritual while presenting clear, Biblical principles in a practical way. The pattern set for boys as they study the book is to learn from Scripture, examine their own lives, set goals, and put into practice a “pattern of good works.” Titus 1:7 Christian Manhood recognizes the need of and provides for the spiritual guidance of a boy growing up in today’s troubled world. Christian Manhood is for use by parents, home schools, Christian schools, churches, mission schools, and children’s homes with boys between the ages of 11 and 14.   259 Pages.  

Reviews – “The author writes from a thoroughly fundamentalist perspective, strongly advocating scriptural principles as to behavior patterns and personal separation ... the course is saturated with an abundance of Scriptural support ... we are happy to recommend these books.” “Aimed at turning immature boys into potentially spiritually strong men ... we were definitely enthusiastic when we went over the course ... this is a tremendous course for boys.” “This book doesn’t flinch from any of the 'tough’ areas ... Good Biblical common sense.”

Christian Manhood Chapters:
What Decisions Have You Made?
Who Are the Men In Your Life?
Are My Parents and My Teachers Working Together?
Should A Christian Young Man Cry?
What Kind of Son Are You?
How Can I Lead Others to Jesus Christ?
Friendships With Boys
What's Wrong With Rock Music?
How Do You Treat the Women in Your Life?
A Man Committed to God - A Boy Committed to His Family
A Guide to T.V. Viewing-From Psalms 101:3-8a
The Importance of Controlling the Flesh
What Does It Mean to Be Submissive to Authority?
Why Do I Need Chastisement?
How Can I Show My Parents That I Love Them?
What Should I Know About Time?
Devotions For Young Men
Who Are You Fighting For?
What Do Your Words Show About Your Character?
What Is Your Attitude Toward Counsel?
Are You Childish or Childlike?
What Should I Know About Offenses?
What Should I Know About Satan?
Be Committed to God!
Am I Building My Character Through My Relationships With Brothers and Sisters?
The Sacredness of the Body
Do You Show Discretion In Your Life?
Is Jesus Christ Important to You?
Learn to Do Things!
Are You Seeing Your Daily Life From God's Point of View?
What Should I Know About Homosexuality?
What Are Common Temptations That I Will Face?
“...Male and Female Created He Them”
What Is Spiritual Strength?
What Is the Purpose of Sorrow?
Am I Ready to Be Involved With Girls?
How Can I Be A Good Worker?
How Do You Choose Your Heroes?
What Is the Meaning of Circumcision?
T.V.–Is It Helping You to Become a Man of God?
How Can I Practice for Godly Leadership?
Are You Able to Counsel Other Christians With Your Bible?
How to Decide If Something Is Right or Wrong
Friendships With Girls
What Kind of Attitude Should I Have Toward Alcoholic Drinks?