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Compromise in Children's Ministries - PDF

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Compromise In Children’s Ministries - PDF File

By Gary Maldaner

* Written primarily for members and leaders in churches that retain the traditional structure of services for adults (vs the contemporary church).

* As a sixth grade public school teacher in the mid-seventies, the administration took away the science book and in its place provided a large kit of science experiments. The children were happy, little learning was expected, and being more ignorant of God’s creation they were being prepared to accept evolution. At homeschool conventions in the mid-nineties the popular speakers and booksellers were dismissing textbooks and promoting unit studies. “Let your children choose what they want to learn.” “Let your children go outside and write a nature journal.” Homeschooling had become child-centered and therefore humanistic in philosophy.

* The church, with Bible clubs and VBS has joined in – pushing aside God’s Word for fun games, skits, bouncy music, prizes, and time in the “great outdoors.” This booklet reveals the philosophy of the local church being taught to our children in many churches.

* This booklet is not for the faint of heart, and is not intended to cause disunity in the local church. The situations described are commonplace (and are not a reason to leave an otherwise good local church), and solutions presented are contrary to today's philosophy of children's ministries.

47 Page Booket - PDF file only.