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Rooted In Christ Volume 1

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By Pastor Horst Trojahn
Published by Plain Path Publishers

An excellent study for grounding the new believer. Topics are: Eternal Security of the Believer, God’s Book for God’s People, Walking With God, Prayer, The Lordship of Christ, and The Church. Six week course for Jr. High– adult. 103 page workbook; paper. By Pastor Horst Trojahn, pastor (retired) of Blythewood Baptist Church, Blythewood, SC

Week 1: Eternal Security Of The Believer

Day 1: Who Shall Separate Us?

Day 2: What Do You Mean By "Believer?"

Day 3: Three Infallible Truths

Day 4: Truth 2: The Incomparable Work Of Christ

Day 5: Truth 3: The Instrumental Witness Of The Spirit

Day 6: Three Aspects Of Salvation

Day 7: Review

Week 2: God's Book For God's People

Day 1: Divine Inspiration

Day 2: Christ and the Bible

Day 3: The Holy Spirit And The Bible

Day 4: The Christian And The Bible

Day 5: The Necessity Of Study

Day 6: The Bible - A Divine Autobiography

Day 7: Review

Week 3: Walking With God

Day 1: How To Establish A Devotional Life

Day 2: The Necessity Of It

Day 3: The Necessity Of It (Cont.)

Day 4: The Nature Of It

Day 5: The Normality Of It

Day 6: Tools Of The Trade

Day 7: Review

Week 4: Prayer -- Communicating With God

Day 1: Christ, Our Example in Prayer

Day 2: The Command To Pray

Day 3: Conditions Of Prayer

Day 4: Content Of Our Prayer Life

Day 5: The Certainty Of Answered Prayer

Day 6: The Benefits Of Prayer

Day 7: Review

Week 5: The Lordship Of Jesus Christ

Day 1: Lordship: A Crucial Issue

Day 2: The Scriptures Proclaim The Lordship Of Christ

Day 3: The Daily Battle Of Submission

Day 4: Lordship And Discipleship

Day 5: Lordship And Obedience

Day 6: Recognizing The Lordship Of Christ In Your Life

Day 7: Review

Week 6: The Church: God's Called Out People

Day 1: The Church

Day 2: Founder Of The Church

Day 3: Function Of The Church

Day 4: Fellowship Of The Church

Day 5: Future Of The Church

Day 6: Choosing A Church

Day 7: Review