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By Gary Maldaner
Published by Plain Path Publishers 
Self-esteem is promoted by this world (especially in public schools) and by many Christian groups. How is this affecting our children? This booklet presents a thorough examination of self-enteem - how self-esteem shows itself in children and adults, how self-esteem is acquired, and how self-esteem harms the cause of Jesus Christ. Includes many practical ideas for use in the home. 50 pages; paper. $3.00 Topics include:
Self-Esteem - A General Overview
The Promotion of Ourselves
Are We Important to God?
What is Man Really Like?
What is Self-Esteem?
The Language of Self-Esteem
How is Self-Esteem Established?
Is There Any Good Found in Humanity?
Self-Esteem and Scripture
Our Example - Jesus Christ
Children and Self-Esteem
The Place of the Child - A Personal Account
The Reinvented Child
The Role of Discipline
The Fruit of Self-Esteem
How Does God Choose His Servants?
Self-Esteem and God's Servants (Examples from Scriptuire)
Positive Self-Esteem (Examples from Scripture)