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The Prodigal Son and His Elder Brother

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By Gary Maldaner & Ed Maldaner
Published by Plain Path Publishers 

This book contains 42 full-page, very detailed India ink drawings printed on heavy, coated paper.  The text (on the back of each illustration) to accompany each drawing clearly teaches children or teens the danger of "doing your own thing" and provides them with a practical, easily understood definition of repentance. Each page of large print text includes other related verses. There is much to learn from both the prodigal son and his elder brother!

Each drawing has a section of verse taken from Luke 15:11-32 at the top. The painstakingly detailed drawings include many birds, insects, and animals. Varied proportion helps to emphasize parts of the drawings. Although these drawings are serious in nature, the author has illustrated the emotions of the brothers and even a "sympathetic" pig.

This series of illustrations, drawn in the sixties, is not meant to illustrate what we might think things in Bible days looked like, because this story is not a story that is unique to this one family. There have been many thousands of prodigal sons since the time this true account was first recorded in God’s Word, and in some way, each one of us can identify with the prodigal son or his elder brother. This book provides a wonderful teaching tool for family devotions, Sunday school, or school classes.

84 pages; color laminated cover, illustrated with black and white drawings (the cover drawing is one example that has had color added). 10 1/2 by 10 1/2.