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What Saith the Scripture? PDF FILE

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 Lots of practical help and encouragement for any who are involved in the training of children. A helpful gift for new or experienced parents or home educators!! If you are looking for guidelines for contemporary Christianity this is not the book for you. 164 pages;  PDF FILE     Chapters are:

 1.  Instilling Self-Discipline in Children
 2.  Boy Wanted
 3.  Are We Having Fun Now?
 4.  Do We Have the Words of God?
 5.  The Indoctrination of Values
 6.   Education in the Homeschool
 7.  The Colonel’s Word Will Stand
 8.  A Father’s Responsibility
 9.  The Development of Sexual Identity In Boys
10.  Where Do I Draw the Line?
11.  The Offense of Creation Science
12.  The Making of a Servant
13.  Does Music Matter?
14.  Is "Just Do Right" Good Instruction for
15.  Mrs. Rosemary Vincent
16.  In Defense of the Science Textbook
17.  Who Makes the Choice?
18.  Thou Shalt Teach Them Diligently to Thy
19.  Are We Mindful of That Country?
20.  The Importance of Outward Appearance
21.  For Whom Should I Vote?
22.  The World’s Entertainment
23.  Eternal Security
24.  Is There Reason to Give Up?